With the current supply chain issues impacting nearly every industry, choosing a domestic manufacturer and supplier is more important now than ever before. When considering a company for cylinders, tubing, and valves, look for one that manufactures all of their components and systems in-house. A one-stop-shop can help you avoid many of the supply chain issues plaguing manufacturing in the current market.

Supply Chain Issues

Rising fuel costs, inflation, and driver shortages are all still contributing to supply chain issues. Manufacturing costs have increased and raw materials are in short supply. The pandemic did contribute to the supply chain problems, but many of the issues had been underlying for some time. When looking at the international supply chain, bottlenecked materials and ports combined with surging customer demand turned supply chain challenges into a global crisis.

Quality Assurance

Domestic manufacturers are committed to quality. A manufacturer in the USA will be dedicated to improving your product. They will be able to manufacture quality components which will save you both time and money. Having the right team on-site will optimize the entire manufacturing process. You won’t get the same assurance using an overseas manufacturer. Doing so may necessitate spending your own resources on quality assurance after delivery, which will cost more, and if errors are detected, can substantially increase your timeline.

Less Communication Errors

If you can’t regularly and easily communicate with your manufacturer or supplier, you run the risk of misunderstandings which can be costly. Working with an overseas partner means that things can get lost in translation, even if the manufacturer communicates in English. A combination of language barriers, cultural differences, and alternate time zones can make communicating your needs difficult. Spending time on back and forth email communication can delay your project. Quality domestic manufacturers will understand everything you need for your project, and will be easy to contact throughout the build. In addition, your intellectual property is safer when staying with a domestic manufacturer.

Fewer Shipping Headaches

Shipping can inflate your costs exponentially, and overseas shipping does not come cheap. In addition, you may be looking at a long shipping timeline with delays from the ports. A domestic manufacturer may be within driving distance, meaning the shipping or delivery will be quicker and cheaper. You’ll have options available, and most importantly, you’ll avoid customs and tariffs.

Faster Timelines

The closer you are to your supplier, the faster your overall project timeline will be. A domestic manufacturer doesn’t have to deal with customs, and you won’t be dealing with international shipping delays. While domestic shipping issues are possible on occasion, international delays are more significant and unpredictable. Shorter lead times will save you money by avoiding the lag time between design, production, delivery, and sale of the product.

Supply Chain Management

The risk of poor quality components is real and can derail your project. If your product makes it to your end users, but is deemed unreliable due to failures, regaining your reputation will cost you more than fixing the issue. Knowing the chain of custody of your components can cut down on the risk of poorly manufactured or counterfeit parts. Partnering with a domestic manufacturer with a vetted supply chain, or better yet one who manufactures their own components in house, will significantly lower if not completely eliminate this risk altogether.

We’ve positioned ourselves to be a domestic, one-stop-shop for pneumatic cylinders, heavy duty hydraulic cylinders, valves, and tubing. We only use high-quality materials and all of our systems and components are made to last in our facility. We can help you avoid the current supply chain issues and assure you that all the components we provide are trusted and proven, extremely reliable, and made right here in the USA. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built as an industry leader. For reliable components and systems you can count on, contact Allenair today.