Allenair is your single source for dependable, high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for industrial applications. When your reputation is on the line, cutting corners is out of the question.

Stamped Pneumatic cylanderAllenair designs and builds products right here in the USA that adhere to the highest level of excellence and reliability. Our integrated North American supply chain ensures you will get your product when you need it.

Partnering with us will uphold your hard-earned reputation. Every cylinder we manufacture is durable and built to last, ultimately saving you time and money. Lower quality cylinders may be available from overseas manufacturers, but the cost of failure makes them a costly choice in the long run.

Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team can help you determine exactly what you need for your project.

Your industrial needs are unique.

Our talented team can create a custom-engineered solution for any application your project requires.