At Allenair, we have a long standing tradition of engineering products that have durability and performance matched by none. Engineered to Perform and Made to Last is not just a tagline for us, it is our culture. Our North American manufacturing footprint allows our team to maintain control over the manufacturing process and adjust as needed to make sure we output the highest quality products. The extra work we put in up front ensures that the product you use in your assembly will last. When failure is not an option, trust Allenair.

Custom Engineered Products

Allenair has a wide variety of system and catalog solutions that work for many applications, but that isn’t always enough. Sometimes good enough isn’t really good enough in today’s competitive market. When you are looking for reliable pneumatic equipment solutions for your industrial application, Allenair has the engineering team to create a custom system to function exactly how you need it to. We engineer a product that has the best combination of performance and durability while not going overboard, making it the best possible value. Every component made at Allenair goes through rigorous testing and quality assurance. When you need high-quality, reliable systems, our engineering team can give you a competitive edge with custom solutions.