All fittings scattered on table

Allenair has engineered and manufactured one of the most reliable and robust fittings available in the market. Whether it is connecting our cylinder to our control valve or routing airlines from point A to B, we have the fitting on the shelf to meet your need. When failure is not an option, call our friendly Ohio-based customer service team to help find the right fitting for you application. Don’t let a failed fitting cause an entire system shut down, which can cause delays in manufacturing and missed deadlines. With the vast array of fittings available, Allenair will make sure you get the right parts for the right application. You can be confident that everything we offer is long lasting and reliable to avoid problems later on.

Don’t worry about your fittings getting stuck in the port on a ship, delaying your build and disappointing your customer; our products are fully manufactured and assembled in North America. Allenair has vertically integrated our production process to allow the highest level of quality control for our products. When quality, reliability and delivery matter, choose Allenair fittings.