The Allenair Corporation was started in 1945 by Alton K. Allen and was known as “A. K. Allen Co.” while working out of a rented basement in Brooklyn, NY.

Humble Beginnings

Everything started with a worn-out lathe and a used drill press. Alton began making air cylinder parts for various companies. After acquiring an engineering degree from Columbia University, Alton used his new knowledge to design a rotary index table powered pneumatically with an old hydraulic cylinder. This was the start of the Allenair Corp in 1947. This rotary index table was used in ammunition plants to speed up the manufacturing of bullets.

Growing and Expanding

It wasn’t long before Alton outgrew the basement. The company moved in and out of a few different locations around New York until 1953, when it settled on East Second Street in Mineola, NY and started building pneumatic and low pressure hydraulic cylinders. After this move, Allenair started selling products through distribution channels. Some of the first were Isaacs Fluid Power and Airoyal Company, who remain valued distributors and partners to this day.

Moving Through the Twentieth Century

Allenair continued to grow. Some notable highlights include: