Industrial vacuum systems require a reliable seal, along with fittings and tubing that you can depend on. Individually, reliable parts are important, but with an industrial vacuum system, it’s crucial that all components are high quality, robust, and work effectively together. Allenair is the right choice to create and maintain a high-quality vacuum distribution system for your application. Don’t settle for inferior products that could jeopardize your reputation. Allenair has on-site engineers who understand the industrial needs for systems like this and our North American vertical integration model ensures that your system can be adjusted and perfected as needed by on-site engineers from design through to delivery. 

Industrial vacuum systems rely on precise manufacturing and assembly to do their job effectively. Allenair can work with you to make sure that you have exactly the parts you need for a system that will last. The fittings, tubing, and manifolds Allenair offers are designed and manufactured to be reliable, long-lasting, and of the highest quality.