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MODELS V400R, V4002R, V400P & V400H

ONE WAY ROLLERV400R – Actuates by Cam Depressing Roller from one Direction only. Roller Displaces without actuation in other Direction. Actuating Force Required 4 lbs.
TWO WAY YOKE ROLLERV4002R – Actuates by Cam Depressing Roller On movement to either side from Center.
Actuating Force Required 2 lbs.
PALM LEVER, SPRING RETURNV400P – Actuates by Depressing Lever. Returns to normal position by spring.
Actuating Force Required 4lbs.

With knob.
Order as V400PH

HAND LEVERV4002R – Actuates by Offsetting Lever. Remains in offset once shifted. Actuating Force Required 2 lbs

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