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Crevice Free Small Bore SS Cylinders

New York Small Bore SS Cylinders



Model SSSM (All Stainless Steel). Available in 1-1/8” (28mm) bore only.

Pressure Rating: 150 PSI, 10 Bar Pneumatic or Hydraulic.

Breakaway: Approximately 5-8 PSI.

Strokes available: 1/8” to 14”, 4 to 355mm

Standard Stroke Lengths: 1/2” through 6” in 1/2” increments and 6” through 12” in 1” increments, (non-standard strokes 1/8” to 14” ). 25, 40, 50, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 300 and 320mm, (non- standard strokes 4 to 355mm).


ETHYLENE PROPYLENE SEALS: Ethylene Propylene Rubber compound, temperature range of -65° to +300°F
(-54° to +149°C). Specify EPS.

FAIL SAFE: MAXIMUM STROKE IS 6” (150mm). Spring installed in a double acting cylinder to retract or extend the rod should there be an air failure. Specify FS to retract rod or SRR to extend rod. Spring force is approximately 10 pounds (44.5N) at rest and 20 pounds (89N) at full stroke.

HIGH TEMPERATURE SEALS: Florocarbon compound (Viton) seals, temperature range of +10° to +350°F. Specify HTP.

OVERSIZED ROD: Larger diameter rod for column loading. Specify OS.

POLYURETHANE BUMPERS: For use on high-speed cylinder applications to reduce shock and noise. Bumpers are positioned  between heads and the piston, increasing the cylinder length by 1/2” for each bumper installed. Specify PUBF for front, PUBR for rear and PUBB for both ends.

SINGLE ACTING – SPRING RETURN: MAXIMUM STROKE IS 6” (150mm). Spring installed in cylinder to retract or extend the rod. Specify SRF to retract rod or SRR to extend rod. Spring force is approximately 10 at rest and 20 at full stroke pounds. 200 P.S.I. Pneumatic, 500 P.S.I. Hydraulic.


NOTE: For Spring Return and Fail safe options, double the stroke when calculating overall dimensions.


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