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Models 1-7 “SINGLE TIMER”

Time-A-Valve : Models 1-7 SINGLE TIMER

Models 8-10 “DUAL TIMER”

Time-A-Valve : Models 8-10 DUAL TIMER

Time-A-Valve ® shown with an Allenair 3-Way Solenoid Valve.

The Time-A-Valve® is available with any Allenair Solenoid Valve, Cyl-Check®, Index Table, Valve-in-Head® Cylinder or other Allenair Solenoid Operated Fluid Power Products.

A high quality, Solid State Electronic Timer available integral with any Allenair Solenoid Valve. 

Eliminates the need for complicated wiring to a control panel.

Air circuitry, maintenance and troubleshooting are simplified. 

Pre-assembled Time-A-Valves ® are simpler to install than separate timing devices and they are less costly.


  • Sturdy housing and permanent connection make it immune to machine vibrations.
  • Long life Light Emitting Diode (LED) gives visual indication of solenoid energization.
  • Electrical Override is standard on all timers. Allows direct energization of solenoid coil, bypassing the timer.
  • Only one electrical connection operates both timer and solenoid.
  • Simple, screw-type time adjustments. Lock nut prevents time setting from changing.
  • Time delay and speed control adjustments (on 4-Way Valves) made at the same time and place — at the valve.
  • Compact, space-saving assembly.
  • Timer and solenoid replacements can be made without disturbing the valve body or piping.
  • Auxiliary output is standard. This allows actuation of an external relay or control device and the Time-A-Valve ®,
        simultaneously. A load of no more than 1 AMP can be connected to the Auxiliary Output.


Time Ranges

(A) .2-2 seconds
(B) .5 – 5 seconds
(C)  1 – 10 seconds
(D)  3 – 30 seconds

Timer Voltages

(V)  12/60
(W) 12VDC
(X)   24/60
(Y)   24VDC
(Z)   120/60

All 10 Time-A-Valve Models are designed only for Allenair Solenoid Operated Valves.


1. Repeatability of Timing Period: ±2% @ nominal voltage & 72°F

2. Reset (Recycle) Time: 100 milliseconds (.1 second) minimum.

3. Operating Temperature Range: -20°F to+185°F

4. Operating Voltage Tolerance: AC Models +10% -15% | DC Models +10% -20%

5. Timing Variation Over Temperature Range: ±10%

6. Transient Protection: Will withstand up to 8 joules of transient energy.

7. Shock Protection: All timer electronic components are solid state and can withstand normal operating vibration and shock. The timers are encapsulated in epoxy to protect them against environmental liquids and gases.



Instead of mounting the time adjusting control (potentiometer) in the timer case, we will supply a separate potentiometer for remote mounting. Two color coded wires are used to connect the timer to the remote potentiometer. You can supply your own potentiometer for more precise time setting. Consult factory for advice.

Time-A-Valve ® can be added to existing Allenair solenoid valves, consult factory.


Model T


(1)   Interval
(2)   One Shot
(3)   Momentary Contact Interval or One Shot
(4)   Delay On Make
(5)   Delay On Break
(6)   On/Off Recycling – Equal Time
(7)   Off/On Recycling – Equal Time
(8)   On/Off Recycling – Un-equal Time
(9)   Off/On Recycling – Un-equal Time
(10) Combination (Delay on Make + Interval)


(A) .2-2 seconds
(B) .5 – 5 seconds
(C) 1 – 10 seconds
(D) 3 – 30 seconds


(V)  12/60
(W) 12VDC
(X)   24/60
(Y)   24VDC
(Z)   120/60


RP – Remote Potentiometer

The Time-A-Valve® is an option. The Timer Part Number must be added to the end of the Model Number of the Allenair product the Timer is to be assembled to. On Models 8, 9, 10 specify 2 time ranges, the first letter for the first part of the cycle and the second letter for the second part of the cycle.

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