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General Properties of Allenair’s Seal Materials

Temperature ratings and chemical compatibilities shown below are for general comparisons.

See specific O-ring presentations for exact specifications.

NR=Not recommended.


Pressure to Head Conversion formula

Liquids have specific gravities typically ranging from 0.5 to 1.8.

Water is the benchmark with a specific gravity of 1.0. this benchmark and the resultant calculations are considered to be in “feet absolute.”

Head (ft) = Pressure (PSI) X 2.31/ Specific Gravity(sg).

This formula is based on the fact that one foot of water exerts .4333 lbs of pressure at one foot. This converts to one lb. of pressure at 2.31 ft.

  • sg. = specific gravity
  • pressure = pounds per square inch
  • head = feet

Pressure = head x sg. (2.31)
Head = pressure x 2.31 (sg)

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