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Allenair transfer pumps are designed around our tandem cylinder design joining two cylinders together with a common head and rod. The total pump unit is divided into two sections; the drive section and the pump section. By utilizing our Valve-In-Head® cylinder as the air motor, the common rod and pump piston will move in unison, creating suction on the lower half of the piston and pressure on the upper half. On the down stroke the check piston moves freely through the fluid in the dip tube.

*All specifications based on model shown (55 gal. drum)

Drum Pumps


Model Series *CV 2 X 8 VCR X 1-1/2 DP
Pump Type Air Operated, Drum Pump
Ratio 1.7:1
Air Motor (drive cylinder)
Motor Repair Kit CV 2P
Drive cylinder 2” BORE
Stroke 8”
Air Inlet (female) 1/4 – 18 N.P.T.
Material Inlet Immersed
Material Outlet (female) 1/2 N.P.T.


Dip tube Stainless Steel
Piston Rod Stainless Steel
Piston Stainless Steel
Standard (refer to option chart) Nitrile
Lower Packing
Standard Nitrile
Dip Tube Stainless Steel


Air Inlet Pressure Range 25 – 150 p.s.i.
Fluid Pressure Range 0 – 255 p.s.i.
Max. Rec’d Cycles / Minute 135
Displacement In3 Per Cycle 14.13
Volume / Cycle 7.82 oz.
Cycles Per Gallon 16.3
Flow @ 60 Cycles / Minute 3.67 g.p.m. (13.9 l.p.m.)
Max. Flow Rate 8.26 g.p.m. (31.2 l.p.m.)
*(Based on water at ambient temp.)

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